1/25. 1/26 Nayoro Ski Camp @Nayoro Piyashiri Ski Area #ski

Hello everyone
This is Safunny.


Last weekend

was a training camp for the Hokkaido University Competition Ski Club in the Nayoro Piyashiri Ski Area. It's a little date skiing for nine men and women.
The training content consisted of a giant slalom, a slalom, and both events in a balanced two-part system, morning and afternoon.

On the first day

the temperature was minus 13 degrees despite the snow falling. Feet and hands are frostbite. (It's currently intact lol) Cold means that the snow is tight. The snow on the top has come off, and a good barn appears. Since there are only nine people, I am glad that I can practice efficiently. First and second graders are improving without a coach.
I practiced to improve the first half of the turn movement that was the challenge. First of all, you need to be able to slip with one outer foot rather than the inner diameter! There is only practice for inter-college.


I have to work on my internship and music psychology papers in parallel, so I have no time to catch a cold!
Now, the new type of pneumonia coming from China is also hard. I take this every day to keep up with the coronavirus.
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Safunny w/love!

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